What is the Red Rickshaw Revolution?

The Red Rickshaw Revolution is an initiative launched by the Vodafone Foundation in India, to empower women for social development in the country. The revolution was launched in 2013 with the primary aim of endowing the most conventional women in performing the most unusual work. The entire "revolution" aims to celebrate the achievements of inspirational women across the country by making them actively participate in strengthening the position of women in the respective communities.

 In 2014, our journey starts from 28th November and ends on 16th December. The 19 day journey across eight states will cover 20 extra ordinary women and will be telecasted on electronic and social media. Women of Pure Strength- a coffee table book will also be launched chronicling the stories of these extra-ordinary women. Each of these women will be felicitated at events planned in their respective districts. Please take a look at schedule of the events planned in the 8 states.
 The 20 women selected for this journey have been working at the grass roots addressing myriad of issues like sanitation and health, gender equality, abolition of caste system, women empowerment, to name only a few. This campaign has created a platform to give them a voice and motivate others across the country.
 Encouraging women to take a stand will motivate them to be equal partners in the decision making activity. The "revolution" for initiating a change and making the women independent has already begun. In the coming years, with the amount of efforts being laid on making the female gender power full and sturdy, female development will definitely prosper and the effect will be reflected in future statistics.