Digital Community Information Resource Centres
Digital Community Information Resource Centres (dCIRC) are digitally enabled community centres which are run by and for the communities to ensure empowerment through information services. The services offered by the community resource centre are considered to be great sources of information and knowledge which play an important role in spreading awareness and providing life- long opportunities.
The main objective of setting up a community information resource centre is to empower local women and make them proficient with the working and functioning of computers and other related technology. Some of the other objectives of the same are mentioned below;
      1. The centre will provide all sorts of information related to the web and make residents people of the respective area aware and responsive.
      2. The community centre shall be responsible for spread of literacy which will further promote English learning and speaking skills.
      3. The centre will be a one stop destination for all the local communities to learn digital media and work together.
      4. The centre will enable people access various beneficial government schemes and other regional development programs through the internet.
With the completion of all the objectives mentioned above, women in these rural areas will not only be empowered and independent but also accomplished enough to pass on the knowledge to future generations.