Multohar Batti

PostMultohar Batti has no idea of how technology or computers can help her. She has a mobile phone, has seen a computer but never used one because the nearest centre is more than 4 kilometres away. And yet, this 45 year old sarpanch from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is one of the most progressive leaders in the area.

Educated only till Class III, Multohar has ensured that her daughters are both graduates. Besides serving people, she wants to use her position of authority to reduce gender disparity and make people realise that “there is no difference between a girl and a boy”. As she puts it simply, “both are same”.

A strong, independent woman, Multohar fulfils her duties both as a sarpanch and a home maker with equal élan. She wants every family to educate their daughters before they get married and assume household responsibilities. Every woman should be empowered and a good education is the first step towards this.

Water scarcity and erratic electricity are problems that plague every home in the village. Under Multohar’s watchful eye, steps have been taken to increase the green area by planting more trees, about 5 kms of roads have been constructed, two rooms have been added to the school, steps have been built to access the temple and two wedding bhawans and rooms for the poor have also been built.

Currently, the water scarcity issue is not under her jurisdiction but Multohar wants to take steps to tackle the problem at the earliest. Her eagerness to help others is what made the villagers believe in her. Even she decided to stand for elections, villagers would accompany her from door to door to persuade others to vote for her.

Multohar is thankful for the support but there is something else that she is even more proud of. As four women from the village are currently contesting elections, she is happy to see more women come forward in leadership roles. In ways unknown to her, Multohar has been an example to many others. Of how to believe in your own abilities and then leave no stone unturned to realise your dreams.